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Pushing the boundaries at the frontier of digital transformation.

Converge IOT is a single point of contact and accountability for organisations that are embarking on a journey of transformation, growth or a re-imagined tomorrow. We offer clients access to all the specialised services and solutions required to be truly connected through our innovative and cost effective IoT solutions.

Converge IoT complements our own offerings with that of a selected number of strategic partners that have credible track records in their specialised domains.

We offer clients a seamless, singular and connected experience in different industries and verticals.


Internet of Things

We live in a connected world and to ignore where technology is taking us through the adoption of IoT, is done at the peril of future relevance. We have a wide range of IoT offerings across all industries. The realm of IoT is relevant to everyone from small business owners to large multinationals. The business process augmentation that becomes possible, is able to deliver new levels of efficiency and automation across the entire value chain.

The benefit?

Business and consumers alike, continue to experience increased pressure in the cost operations and cost of living. From a business perspective, volatile variable costs, high operating expenses and complex supply chains- all of these domains can benefit from the automated collection, accumulation and visualisation of actionable insight. Studies continue to show that early adopters of IoT are showing higher margins, reduced inefficiencies and feel more comfortable about their future relevance compared to companies who are lagging in the adoption of these and other technology trends.


How does it work?

Converge IoT provides end-to-end solutions throughout the full IoT stack. We provide solutions from sensor up to AI (Artificial Intelligence) level. Our solutions are flexible and we  provide connectivity (Lora or GSM/GPS) while integrating through API (Application Programming Interface) to any cloud, platform or other reporting/monitoring program you might have invested in.

Where no infrastructure relating to digital solutions exist, we can provide full functionality including cloud, platform, integration, connectivity and other functionality required at cost effective models to suit your business requirements.

Our technology enables the tracking, monitoring and automation of any asset remotely, while giving you the ability to action various elements based on defined business rules. We supply the full range of products to enable the end-to-end solution.

IOT Eco Systems

We do not believe in looking for problems in your organisation to suit our existing IoT solutions. Instead, we listen to your business needs and design – through our IoT approach – solutions that will be cost effective and directly beneficial in terms of successful execution in your industry vertical.

Our IOT solutions cater for most use cases relating to assets in a wide variety of industries whereby business needs dictate:

  • Tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Automation

Tracking (Active GSM/GPS)

  • Movable Asset Tracking
    • Vehicles, Trucks, Farming Implements, Trailers, etc.
    • Forklifts, Cranes, etc
  • Market Assets
    • Fridges/Freezers/Cold Rooms
    • Audio/Visual
    • Event Equipment, etc.
  • Sports
    • Race horses, athletes, etc.

Monitoring (LoRa)

  • Monitoring of a wide range of sensors, equipment and environmental conditions
    • Temperature/Humidity
    • Liquid Levels and Flow (Water/Fuel)
    • Door/Gate Contact (Open/Close)
    • Soil Moisture/PH Levels
    • Pressure, Wind, Environmental
    • Electricity Usage
    • Sound and Vibration, etc.
    • Solar Powered Options
    • Etc.


  • Activate or De-activate equipment based on events or business rules
    • Lights (On/Off)
    • Pumps (Start/Stop)
    • Current Flow (On/Off)
    • Water Flow (On/Off)
    • Electrical Gates/Garages (Open/Close)
    • Timed activation
    • Engine (Start/Stop)
    • Etc.

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